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Greenstyle Creations - Sybil Robe

A robe has been on my list of things to make before baby girl comes and the Sybil Robe has been my number one choice! There are a lot of other really great robe options as well (some that are free!) and I will list a few of them in a bit.

Baby girl is due in less than 5 weeks! Crazy right?! And I’ve had the fabric for my robe for weeks! I’m not sure why it took me until now to sew it. It didn’t even take all that long! Maybe the thought of a robe sounded daunting because I’ve never made one before…? I’ve also had the pattern printed for awhile and finally cut it out the other day.

So, I picked this pattern opposed to the others because the sleeves are more narrow and it has an inside tie, which keeps the wrap more in place. Definitely something I want since I plan on wearing this in the hospital after delivery. Most of the other robes are more kimono style, which is great, but I don’t love that. But if you are looking to make a robe, here are a few options!

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