Ollie Bomber Jacket SewAlong: Welcome!

Hello and thank you for joining me in the Sew A Little Seam - Ollie Bomber Jacket Sew Along! I am so excited to be your host! I love this jacket and fall/winter is right around the corner, so let’s all make a new Ollie, or two or three! This post will provide you with all the goodie details you need to know before we get started next week, so keep on reading!

Sew Along Dates

September 9th-13th

Sew Along Outline

Sew Along Prep: This right here! Make sure you get your pattern printed, fabric washed & cut and additional supplies ready to go! (don’t worry, you got some time before we officially start)

Day 1: Pattern/fabric prep (marking the pattern, applying interfacing) and sewing the pockets! (welt and kangaroo)

Day 2: Sewing the main construction for main and lining fabrics. Also sewing the hood together if making that version

Day 3: Attaching the zipper to main, collar/hood and cuffs. Sewing on the twill tape/ribbon to unlined version.

Day 4: Attaching the lining and finishing the jacket

Day 5: Catch Up Day!

Day 6: Recap! And winners will be announced!

I’ll be posting video/blog tutorials for the days task. You are welcome to post comments with questions you have here on the blog or on the daily posts inside the SALS Facebook Group. And don’t forget to share your progress! I’ll be using the hashtag olliesewalong for easy finding of the sew along threads in the SALS FB group if posts aren’t showing up in your feed. (also for easy findings after the sew along is over.)

Prizes/Giveaway and how to enter


Our generous sponsors for this sew along are Sew A Little Seam, Raspberry Creek Fabric and So Sew English Fabrics. I am so grateful for our fabulous sponsors who allow us to have these awesome prizes! I mean, we could still have a sew along without prizes, so definitely show them some love! <3 <3 <3

To be eligible to win, you just need to actively participate by commenting and interacting on the sew along threads in the Sew A Little Seam Facebook Group and on the Day 5 Post with your finished Jacket! If you make more than one, each finished make will be an additional entry (new makes during the sew along only!). Just make sure each finished make is in a separate comment and not as a comment reply.

For one additional entry, you can also post a picture of your completed Ollie Bomber Jacket on instagram! Make sure you are following both me (@sewingandthings) and Kelly (@sewalittleseam) and using the hashtag olliesewalong so we don’t miss your post and for your extra entry to count!

  • Note: Your profile must be public for your entry to count. If it’s private, I most likely won’t be able to see it and count your entry.

  • You must also participate on each day’s thread in the FB group for your instagram entry to count.

  • Instagram entries are for personal use only. (again, only new makes from the sew along)

Entries will close at 11:59 MST (mountain standard time, aka Arizona time!) on Friday, September 13th!

Choosing your size

The size chart is found on page 4 of the instructions for the Women’s Ollie and on page 2 for the Children’s. The Women’s Ollie Bomber Jacket is drafted for a height of 5’6” and the sleeve length is generous. The finished sleeve and jacket length can be found at the bottom of page 4 and will help you determine if you want to add or remove any length. If you are in between sizes, you can size up for looser fit or down for a tighter fit. Be sure to also account for fabric being used! The lined version will be more fitted than the unlined.

If you are having any troubles or have additional questions, be sure to comment below or comment on the thread on FB!

Supplies Needed

The most important thing…the pattern! Use the code sewollie for 20% off discount on the pattern from now until the end of the sew along! (Note: the code won’t work on the bundle, so if you want both patterns, just add both the Women’s and children’s Ollie to your cart and apply the code!)

If you haven’t purchased the Ollie Bomber Jacket yet, you can get the women’s version HERE, children’s version HERE, bundle with both women’s and children’s HERE, women’s hood add on HERE and children’s hood add on HERE. You will also need fabric (scroll down for recommended fabrics and where to buy!), medium weight interfacing, separating zipper (or reversible!), 1” wide twill tape/ribbon or fabric for neck and zipper binding (unlined version only), eyelets/grommets for drawstring (optional and only for hooded version), drawstring or the like (optional and only for hooded version).

Fabric Requirements

Women’s Jacket

  • Main Jacket Fabric: 1.5 yards exterior (60” WOF), 1.5 yards lining (optional)

  • Optional Hood: 1/2 yard (60” WOF)

  • Bands/Collar: Size 0/2 - 16/18 1/4 yards, size 20-28 1/2 yards

  • Separating Zipper (or a reversible separating zipper if making lined version): 24” for all sizes. 0/2 can use 22”. (longer is fine since you can easily shorten it)

Children’s Jacket: Use this chart! (Also found on page 3 in the instructions)

Screen Shot 2019-07-21 at 7.12.04 PM.png

Recommended Fabric (found on pg 6 for women’s, pg 3 for Children’s)

  • Exterior: A sturdy knit such as French terry, sweatshirt fleece, Liverpool, or quilted knit. The amount of stretch needed depends on the weight of the fabric and whether you will be making the lined or unlined version. An unlined, lightweight fabric can have a lower horizontal stretch of around 10%. A heavier, lined version would be best with a stretch of at least 20%.

  • Interior/lining: Can range from a lighter weight rayon blend to a heavier stretch fleece, depending on how heavy you want your jacket to be.

  • Collar/bands/cuffs: A thick rib knit or cotton spandex work best for these pieces. They should have at least 50% horizontal stretch and good recovery.

Make sure you wash and dry your fabric the same way you are going to launder your finished garment before starting!

Fabric Sources

And tons and tons and tons of others! Just make sure you order ASAP if you don’t have fabric already on hand (and double check shipping times!) so you fabric will get in before the sew along officially starts!

Zipper Sources

  • Local shops (Joann’s, Hobby Lobby, etc) though, not always with the best color selections…

  • Wawak

  • Zipper Stop

  • Amazon

I get all my zippers from wawak. Bonus, shipping is pretty quick and the prices are great!

Your tasks before the Sew along starts on September 9th

  • Determine which option/s you are going to be making!

  • Buy the pattern (if you haven’t already) and get that bad boy printed and cut!

  • Buy/order fabric, zippers and any necessary supplies for the option you’ve chosen.

  • Cut out your fabric! (You are welcome to wait until Day 1, but we are going to be jumping right in and sew those dreaded welt pockets!)


(I swear these will get better over time haha)

Here are the Ollie Bomber Jackets I’ve made so far, prior to the sew along. I have 4 others that will be made during the sew along as well! (Two for me, one for Max and one for Brooklyn! Scott might have been a little jealous that he doesn’t get one too…oops!)

Club Jersey for both main and lining from Raspberry Creek Fabrics

Club Jersey for both main and lining from Raspberry Creek Fabrics

Quilted knit  (main)  and jersey lined sherpa  (lining)  from Hobby Lobby

Quilted knit (main) and jersey lined sherpa (lining) from Hobby Lobby

Rayon Spandex FT  (main)  and quilted knit  (lining)  from So Sew English

Rayon Spandex FT (main) and quilted knit (lining) from So Sew English

Club FT  (main)  and Club Jersey  (lining)  from Raspberry Creek Fabrics

Club FT (main) and Club Jersey (lining) from Raspberry Creek Fabrics

Quilted knit and jersey lined sherpa - both from Hobby Lobby

Quilted knit and jersey lined sherpa - both from Hobby Lobby

Happy Sewing! I’ll see you next week!