Ollie Bomber Jacket SewAlong: Day 3

Ollie Bomber Jacket Sew Along - Day 3.png

Hello and welcome to day 3 of the Ollie Bomber Jacket Sew Along! Today we are tackling the zipper! I know this is intimidating for a lot of people, but you so got this! Just go slow and take your time. I’m my opinion, jacket zippers are a lot easier than the other types of garment zipper installations. Remember, if you have any questions, ask! Let’s conquer our fears and sew some zippers!

Sew Along Outline

Pre Sew Along: All the info you need to know!

Day 1: Pattern prep and sewing pockets!

Day 2: Sewing the main construction for main and lining fabrics. Also sewing the hood together if making that version

Day 3: Attaching the zipper to main, collar/hood and cuffs. Sewing on the twill tape/ribbon to unlined version.

Day 4: Attaching the lining and finishing the jacket

Day 5: Catch Up Day!

Day 6: Recap! And winners will be announced!


Note** Whether you are making a collared version or hooded, the construction is the same! Make sure you watch the video that corresponds to either the lined or unlined option, since the construction between those are different. <3 Binding is only for the unlind version!

If you have any questions, please comment below or on the daily post on the SALS Facebook page!

Happy sewing!