Ollie Bomber Jacket SewAlong: Day 1

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Hello and welcome to the first official day of the Ollie Bomber Jacket Sew Along! I am super pumped for everyone participating! It’s going to be a good week! <3

Hopefully you have your pattern and fabric cut and ready to go! If you are new here, you are welcome to start at the Pre Sew Along for all the main details (link below) and then hop back on over here!

Sew Along Outline

Pre Sew Along: All the info you need to know!

Day 1: Pattern/Fabric prep! (marking the pattern, applying interfacing) and sewing the pockets! (welt and kangaroo)

Day 2: Sewing the main construction for main and lining fabrics. Also sewing the hood together if making that version

Day 3: Attaching the zipper to main, collar/hood and cuffs. Sewing on the twill tape/ribbon to unlined version.

Day 4: Attaching the lining and finishing the jacket

Day 5: Catch Up Day!

Day 6: Recap! And winners will be announced!


All the things I’ve read about interfacing is that you don’t want something that is heavier than your fabric. So try to find something that is of the same weight of your fabric or slightly lighter. Keep in mind that a medium weight is recommended. You don’t want it too light or else your welt pocket will be more flimsy and won’t hold its shape really well. I’ll be using a cotton/woven interfacing for my welts since I already have some at home (I finally remembered where my box of interfacing was!), I’ve used it before for welts and plackets with no issues. I use Pellon brand since that’s the easiest for me to access/acquire.

The interfacing that tends to give me the best results on the welt pocket is Pellon SF101 Shape-flex Apparel Interfacing.

If you are still having any problems with the welt pocket, post a comment on the daily FB post in the SALS Facebook Group. I still have my daughter’s jacket unfinished in case anyone needs to see the welt construction better. (Hopefully the video below is good, but just in case!)

Can’t wait to see those pretty pockets!


Happy sewing!