5 out of 4 - Kids Swim Trunks

These new swim trunks are so stinking cute! 5 out of 4 Patterns just came out with these Kids Swim Trunks and they are currently on sale but today is the last day of the sale! The Men & Kids Bundle and the Family Bundle are also discounted in case the whole fam needs some new swim trunks! But you better hurry!

In case you need board shorts fabric in a pinch, go to Walmart! I bought Scott a pair of new trunks (no time to make some since we were going out of town the basically the next day!) and I needed to make some trunks for Max since I was helping to test this pattern. I had no boardshorts fabric! And nowhere in my area carries it in store so….get the biggest size swim trunks at Walmart. Boom! But it’s great because now Scott and Max have matching trunks!

Max is almost 2 and a skinny little munchkin. These are size 9-12m in the shorter length. His swim diaper is a lot puffier than his regular diaper, so he probably would have been better in the next size up for his hips and rise. But this size is great for a regular pair of shorts! And now I know for next time. They are a fairly quick sew, especially if you skip the liner and pockets!

We take Max to swim class once a week, so he definitely will be needing some more! <3


Happy Sewing!