5 out of 4 - Alice High Rise Swim Bottoms

Happy 25 weeks to me! (Three weeks until 3rd trimester…say wha?!) Guess what? Another swimsuit! The best part about this one is there is no hacking needed! 5 out of 4 Patterns just released the Alice High Rise Swim Bottoms! I love these! Especially because there is a maternity option and this baby is due in August, which means I need all the swimsuits. I mean all of them! And it is much easier to sew a swimsuit (when you wanted it yesterday, ha!) when there is no hacking or major modifications necessary! They are currently 20% off (along with the other new released patterns) through the end of the 25k celebration sale, so get to it now! (The rest of the site is also 40% off and there are lots of giveaways happening!)

I love that 5oo4 releases tops and bottoms as separates so I can mix and match as I see fit! I mean, not everyone will love everything, every option about every pattern. I know I don’t always, so this is perfect! I paired these new swim bottoms with the Agility Tank/Dress! (I need to make some more agilities for workout tops!! Seriously, so stinking cute!) Anywho, this pattern has a plain, tie and a flounce (two lengths) options, as well as maternity, which has ruching on the sides to give room for that belly.

So, I am pregnant (obviously since I did the maternity option) and I sewed a size XS based on my HIP measurements. If you are sewing the maternity version, remember, do not use the elastic measurement for your size based on the regular elastic chart! It will more than likely be too tight. I measured around the top of my belly, where the elastic would be. That measured a size small, so I used that elastic measurement as a starting point. Just make sure you exercise your elastic before you cut it! I also like to pinch the elastic at the proper measurement before I cut it and wrap it around my belly to give me a rough estimate on if it’s going to be too tight, loose or just right!


The modifications I made were strictly for my body. You may not need to make any adjustments and you may need to make different adjustments. Every body is different, which is why it is so nice to be able to sew for yourself! You can make the garment fit your specific shape!

The first modification I made was to lower the back a tad. I kept the side seam the same and just scooped out the back lower. I did about an inch for my frame. So an inch down at the fold line and then just rounded it up to meet the side seam. Boom! Easy peasy.

The second adjustment was making the narrowest part of the crotch about 1/8” wider. (I was going to look at the piece and double check it all but now I can’t find it! #pregnancybrain…and i really need to clean my sewing room!) It was only about 3 inches long and i blended it with the rest of the curve. I would show you what I mean but…can’t find it. When I do, I will update!

Anyway, here is my super cute swimsuit! I hope you get it, sew it and love it just as much as me! Fabric is from Raspberry Creek Fabrics! And I get all my sewing notions from Sew Sassy! Now I need to find my pieces so I can make another one! <3<3<3

5oo4 Women's Alice Swim size XS maternity_01.jpg
5oo4 Women's Alice Swim size XS maternity_02.jpg

Photos taken by my amazing friend Annie!

Happy sewing!