Making it Maternity (intro)

If you didn’t already know, I’m pregnant! Though, some of it has been rough. I’ve already had strep throat and possibly getting over the flu right now (luckily a very mild case if that). But this means maternity sewing! (Since maternity clothes are SO dang expensive! Well, at least the super cute stuff is…) So I’ve decided to start a little post series called “Making it Maternity”. I’ll be going through different hacks to make some of my favorite sewing patterns bump friendly. There are a gazillion patterns out there, so I’m going to go through my favorite patterns, since I doubt I’ll have the funds and time to go through them all. However! Below you will find a list of patterns that have a maternity option or add on packs for maternity. There are loads more, but I can only handle searching for patterns for so long. :) If you have any tried and true maternity patterns that you love that I didn’t included, let me know in the comments and I will add them to the list! I’m due in August, so we have 6 months of sewing! Yay!

If you already have a top with a good maternity add on, chances are you can use that to hack most of your favorite patterns. I have the Patterns for Pirates Layer Me Up maternity add on (only $2.50) and I’m going to be using it for most of my maternity hacking. Also, just about any flowy knit top can be maternity friendly, just make sure you sew the tunic length (or lengthen the pattern a bit) so it’s long enough when that belly starts to pop! (Though, I can’t handle super flowy when I’m pregnant. I feel like it makes me look extra HUGE! I’m all about fitted and shirts with bands under the belly.)

Remember, this is just a small list (there are plenty more maternity patterns out there) and I will be adding to it as I come across others! If you want to see the list of nursing friendly patterns click here!

Maternity Friendly Patterns





Patterns to make into maternity

Nursing Friendly Patterns (not necessarily maternity)

  • Peekaboo Patterns - Hyak Hoodie

  • Peekaboo Patterns - Aspen Pull Over

  • Just about any top with a front placket

  • Just about any top with a crossover front

That’s all for now. Remember to comment with any tried and true maternity patterns that aren’t included so I can add them to the list. And be sure to check back soon for more on Making it Maternity coming soon!

Happy sewing!