5 out of 4 - Rocket Raglan

It’s release day! The Rocket Raglan from 5 out of 4 Patterns is now live! This has got to be my favorite kids raglan pattern and I’m pretty sure I won’t need another one anytime soon. It fits Max perfect! It’s a nice slim fit with both a crew and v-neck option, multiple sleeve lengths (with or without cuffs) and a dress length for those little ladies! Size range is from 0-3m up to size 14, so it should last you awhile! I’ll probably be making a few more in the next size up so Max can wear them now through the summer. It’s currently on sale through March 3rd, so don’t wait!

Since this is a unisex pattern, the sleeves might be a tad long for your little ladies, but trimming that down is a super easy fix if they are. Oh, and did I mention the dress has pockets?!

Another thing to note, since this is a slim raglan pattern, it would make a really good rashguard for your little! It would totally be worth a try!

The only alteration I’ve done to my pattern was trimming off the tippy top corner of the bodice where the neckline meets the raglan sleeve seam. I think this makes sewing the sleeve to the front bodice a million times easier. It’s similar to how the back of the sleeve attaches to the back bodice, but the little flat piece is on the sleeve. You definitely don’t have to do this, but I like to! If you do, you just want to make sure the little flat piece you trim on the front bodice matches the angle of the front sleeve and you don’t want it longer or shorter than the 3/8” seam allowance. I think this makes the neckline neater.


Oh! I discovered a trick to taking pictures of my crazy toddler! I just have to say….”Where’s the doggy?!” and he will stop running, look around, and smile all excitedly. Haha. It might be kind of mean and teasing since there isn’t always dogs around, but hey! Whatever works! It used to be singing the “Wheels on the Bus” before he was walking. And if you can’t tell, he loves cars.

5oo4 Rocket Raglan size 12-18m_13.jpg
5oo4 Rocket Raglan size 12-18m_10.jpg
5oo4 Rocket Raglan size 12-18m_5.jpg
5oo4 Rocket Raglan size 12-18m_4.jpg
5oo4 Rocket Raglan size 12-18m_6.jpg
5oo4 Rocket Raglan size 12-18m_2.jpg
5oo4 Rocket Raglan size 12-18m_8.jpg
5oo4 Rocket Raglan size 12-18m.jpg

Can’t wait to see your Rocket Raglans! Happy sewing!