Baby Bouwhuis No.2

If you haven’t heard the news…we are expecting baby no.2! We are over the moon! Baby is expected to arrive sometime in the middle of August. My mother in law is not too thrilled only because Phoenix in August is the worst! The hottest month of the year!! (Don’t worry! She is totally thrilled for a new grandbaby!). I think this baby will be number 18 in the list of grandchildren on Scott’s side of the family and number 7 on my side. So many babies! At the gym that I go to, there are 5 babies all due within 6 weeks of each other. Seriously, all the babies!

So, if you didn’t know, Max is an IVF baby. We have 4 frozen embryos still from that whole process. Back in December, we had an appointment with our fertility doctor to go through what the process is for a frozen embryo transfer. We figured that if we do that, might as well get it done in the beginning of the year so we can hopefully knock out the FET and a baby delivery in the same year (you know…since we would hit our deductible). The process for a FET basically a 6-8ish week process. The condensed version…You make an appointment when your cycle starts for some baseline testing and you start birth control pills for a few weeks to get on the schedule of the clinic (so everything can be timed accordingly). You start hormone injections to get your uterus ready for the FET, ultrasounds to make sure your lining is thickening properly and then the transfer! You take progesterone to help with implantation and cross your fingers that it all goes well!

Remember, we went to see our fertility doctor in December? According to my tracker app, I was due to start my cycle the following week. (Hooray!) Our appointment was on a Thursday. So, on Saturday, I woke up and just decided to take a pregnancy test…guess what? Positive! I’m pretty sure I took like 5 tests throughout the day haha. (BTW, do not waste your money on store bought pregnancy tests. They are SO expensive! Get these instead! HCG pregnancy test strips. They are small little things. You have to pee in a cup but that’s not so bad. 25 of them for less than $10. Totally worth it in my opinion!) .

So there you have it! 14 weeks this Friday!

My goal for this pregnancy is to not buy any new RTW (ready to wear) maternity clothes. I have a few from last pregnancy that I’ll still wear, but nothing new! Which means I plan on sewing my maternity wardrobe! And once we find out the gender I can start on some baby clothes! In addition to that, I need to make Max some new clothes. Sew much sewing on the docket! And I still go to the gym 3-4 times a week and I’m going to need some new workout pants soon. Baby no.2 is no joke. My belly is already poppin!

You can keep up with all my maternity makes on my instagram here as I start #makingitmaternity. If you have any questions on converting some patterns to maternity, let me know which ones they are and let me see if I can help hack it!

Also, if you want to keep up with my belly posts, you can check out my personal IG here!

Here are some photos from our pregnancy announcement photoshoot! If you are in the Phoenix area and need a great photographer, check Annie out!

Happy sewing!

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