Rad Patterns - Savanna Smiles Drop Crotch Pants

Fall sewing is in full swing! Everyone is coming out with new patterns left and right. Shield your eyes! haha.

Rad Patterns just came out with these super cute drop crotch pants that are even cuter on little Max! All the heart eyes. Seriously. These pants sew up really quick and the gusset is really simple! So don’t freak out when you hear it has a gusset!

They also have pockets, which are a love/hate for me. It’s a one size pocket for all sizes and can get a little floppy depending on your fabric choice. But you can always put in a side seam pocket by using a pocket piece from basically any pattern with a side seam pocket! I opted out of pockets with all of Max’s pants since he doesn’t know how to use them. It also makes them sew up that much quicket. Yes, tiny pockets are friggin adorable, but Max will be still tiny in 6 ish months and I can use the tiny pockets then! ;)

So, remember how there is a gusset? You can do a little hack and skip the gusset all together. HOWEVER, this will not work for all sizes, especially if you like to wear your pants up high, like near your belly button and if you wear larger than a 1 or 2x. If you are going to attempt it and you are wear a larger side, I suggest sewing in the gusset an then basting the two seams of the gusset together, try them on and see how they fit. If it fits, great! You can sew up your next pair without the gusset. If there isn’t enough fabric and it looks a little wonky and pulling in weird places, no worries, just rip out the basting stitches and your not out a pair of pants! If you wear smaller than 1x, you can either sew it straight without the gusset or baste it like stated above.

My green pair doesn’t have the gusset but the orange striped ones do. I love both! The fit of the green ones are just what I have been looking for in a pair of these pants! I saw a photo on pinterest and I think I got it pretty close! Though, I didn’t make the white shirt. Except now I have a perfect white v-neck that I made! (about that later on another post!) After making a pair without the gusset, I ended up lowering the rise a smidge. But now I can’t remember if I made a pair after doing that. I swear I did, but now I can’t remember...omg. I’ve been sewing a lot lately…

Also, right now, RAD Patterns is celebrating Stephanie’s (she’s the designer!) 3 year cancer-versary by donating 50% of the proceeds to ovarian cancer research fund alliance (ocrfa.org)!

You can use code “teal30” for 30% off everything at radpatterns.com and radpatterns.etsy.com through October 15th and help color the world teal.

Anyway, here are some cute pictures of the Savanna Smiles Drop Crotch Pants!


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Happy Sewing!

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