Hey June Handmade - Sandbridge Skirt

I finally finished the Sandbridge Skirt from Hey June! It's super cute, right?! Finally, I can wear it! 

I originally cut out the pattern soon after I had my baby, (who is now almost 14 months old!). Then, almost a year later, I go to sew it up. Only problem, it's was now the wrong size! Luckily, I needed a smaller size, so I was able to use most of the pieces!

I've made jeans before, so I figured this shouldn't be too bad. But for some reason, I had the HARDEST time with the fly. (Mainly the fly shield). The pattern instructions have you install the shield before you do the topstitching on the front of the skirt. With the way the pattern instructions go (and I swear I read it through multiple times, even the sew-a-long!), there was no way I could do the topstitching without it catching the shield, which was so irritating! (Most patterns, you install the fly shield after the entire fly front has been completed.)  With all the times I read through the instructions for this skirt, I could not see how to move the shield out of the way. If you sew this up and you have no problems, please, let me know (and take pictures!). That was the only issue I had. Other than that, it is love! 


Happy sewing! 


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