RAD Patterns - Seaside Culottes

RAD Patterns just released their Seaside Culottes! Currently $7 until August 18th, so grab them while they are a few bucks off!

I honestly had no idea what culottes were when I first heard of them, had to do a wee bit of google searching... But I love these! Super comfortable. The pattern calls for woven fabric, but I cheated and used a knit! It's some kind of rayon spandex blend, but it has less than 30% stretch. The best part about using a knit for these...rolled hem! 

RAD Patters drafts their patterns for a height of 5'7. I'm not used to having to use the length/shorten line, but it's totally worth it if you are 5'4 like me (at least for bottoms. I haven't had to adjust tops or dresses). If you don't adjust, you may end up with the tops of your pants really high up your belly...unless you like that, which it totally fine. :) 

I did the exposed waistband instead of the enclosed. I like the look of it better. It comes in a 3.5" and 8" inseam. The best part about these, you can totally dress them up since they kind of look like a skirt or lounge wear. Win/win!

Thank you to my wonderful hubby for helping me take some pictures! 


If you make some of these, I'd love to see! Link me in the comments or tag me on Instagram! @tmcreates


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