Sew A Little Seam - Master of Disguise and Imagine

I know Halloween is over, but girls play dress up all year long, so why can’t the boys?! The new Master of Disguise pattern from Sew A Little Seam is seriously the best all inclusive boys dress up pattern out there. There are so many options! (Muscle suits, masks, jackets, vests, shirts, pants, belts, hats) Kelly also has phenomenal instructions. Out of all the PDF pattern’s I have sewn the last few years, her layout is definitely my favorite.

Another thing I forgot to mention a while ago is the new Imagine set from Sew A Little Seam. This pattern pairs perfectly with the boy’s Master of Disguise OR the girl’s Once Upon a Time pattern (you can make basically ANY princess. Once we have a girl, we will definitely be using this pattern). The Imagine set includes boot coverings (which Max is wearing in his Eric costume), capes (with or without hoods) in multiple lengths, fairy wings, witches hat, fingerless gloves for your little princess, petticoats.

From now until December 4th, you can purchase any of the dress up patterns (Master of Disguise, Once Upon a Pattern, Imagine) and get 25% off with code in the Sew a Little Seam facebook group. This even includes the dress up bundles, which are already discounted. Such a good deal so get it while it’s still available!

*BTW - If you use felt for the outer fabric of your boot coverings, I suggest you size up in the leg or take a slightly smaller seam allowance! That felt is thick! I used it for Max’s boots and they take a little effort to get on but are perfect once on! But super easy to get off. This may be more of an issue for smaller kids that don’t help you dress them ha


This boy seriously melts my heart! Also, if you can’t tell, he got really mad at me when I took his car away during the Master of Disguise photo shoot! He is wearing the collared shirt with crop pants and facened belt - all fabric purchased at Joann’s. Also, the mask he is wearing in the second shoot is not from the Master of Disguise pattern. We took pictures before it released, so unfortunately, that mask is from the store.

Thanks to my wonderful friend Annie for taking these pictures! <3 Contact her if you need photos in Phoenix, Arizona!

If you make something from any of these patterns, link me in the comments! I’d love to see!

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Happy sewing!