Ellie and Mac - Grow With Me Pajamas

Ellie and Mac just released these cute Grow With Me Pjs! The best thing about this pattern is that it’s free! Everyone loves free stuff, especially around the holidays (am i right?). Another perk of this pattern is it’s a grow with me style. The cuffs are doubled in length so they can be folded up when they are smaller and unfolded when their arms and legs grow longer. The bodice length is also more of a tunic length for longer wear and there is a dress/nightgown option. There are also options for a faux placket and ruffles. AND if you don’t want to color block the top, you can just overlap the bodice top and bottom pieces by 1/4” (the seam allowance) while you are cutting out your fabric.

One minor thing I don’t love, but isn’t a deal breaker, is the seam allowance. I hate 1/4 seam allowances! Haha but recently I discovered that a LOT of seamstresses, who sew knits, really really like the 1/4 allowance. So it’s probably just me. My favorite will always be 3/8”.

When I was making these, I don’t care for the longer length on the top, so I made it shirt length by taking off 1.5” the bottom. I also used the regular, non grow-with-me cuffs for the sleeves. It’s still plenty long and will fit him for quite awhile! The pants only have an elastic waist option, which isn’t my favorite (we LOVE yoga waistbands over here! No need to search for the right elastic!) but they still fit him great! (I cheated and used 1” elastic instead of 3/4” since I didn’t have any and I didn’t want to go to the store)

*If you don’t want the grow with me option, use the regular cuffs for the sleeves, cut the shirt 1.5-2” shorter, and fold the grow with me pant cuffs pattern piece in half PLUS the seam allowance. Boom.

This was a pretty simple, straight forward pattern. Perfect for a beginner and up! You also don’t have to use this just for pjs. It makes a perfect long sleeve shirt! Max always needs new pjs, so he will definitely have some more fairly soon.

Tis the season for Black Friday so be sure to also check out the sales going on now and over the weekend!

**Fabric below is cotton lycra from So Sew English Fabrics!


Let me know what you think of these and if you make some, I’d love to see!

Happy sewing and happy Thanksgiving!