Sew A Little Seam - Ollie Bomber Jacket

Fall is finally here! At least here in Phoenix, Arizona, we are finally out of the 90’s, which mean’s fall for us! In preparation for the weather starting to get cool, I finally finished BOTH Ollie Bomber Jackets. One for me and one for Max! I finished Max’s jacket awhile ago, but now mine is done! Here’s to cute jackets that hardly match anything I own. haha.

The Ollie Bomber Jacket bundle (or Children’s and Women’s separates) from Sew A Little Seam is a great pattern for even the adventurous beginner. The instructions are well explained where you will easily be able to tackle your first welt pocket and separating zipper! The facebook group is also phenomenal if you have additional questions or get stuck. There also is a free hood and kangaroo pocket add on if you don’t want to tacket the welt pocket OR you can make it reversible with welt pockets on one side and kangaroo pockets on the other! There is also a lined and unlined option. I prefer the lined because then you don’t have to worry as much about the inside looking beautiful!

For these two Ollie’s that I made, all the fabric (except the bands on mine. That fabric is a solid what?! doodle print from Joanns) is from Raspberry Creek Fabrics.

I personally love to get zippers from They typically have a wide variety of colors and have pretty dang good prices. Shipping is also pretty quick. I used a metal tooth zipper for my jacket and a plasticy tooth zipper for Max’s. I absolutely love them both! Max’s jacket is a little big in order for it to last through the winter. Neither of these are reversible, but all you need is a reversible, separating zipper!

Also, if you are sewing up the 0/2 women’s version, I suggest getting a 24” zipper. You can get away with a 22”. but it may come up a little short and the zipper teeth might not come all the way to the collar. Just an FYI!

This is definitely a 5 star pattern that I will be making more of…eventually (I can’t really stock my closet with a bunch of jackets, especially when I live in the desert). Except Max will get another one next year I’m sure!


By the way, taking pictures of a walking baby is so hard! Oh my goodness! You definitely need an extra set of hands. One pair to man the camera and another one to man the baby! haha

If you sew up one of these, be sure to link it here or tag me on instagram! I’d love to see! And if you run into any problems, I’d be happy to help!

Happy sewing!