Trissa marie

Hi. My name is Trissa. I am married to this great guy named Scott and We have the cutest little man named Max, along with our cat Peanut and our dog Bella. Scott and I have been married for almost five years. We were married in Bountiful, Utah in the Bountiful, Utah the middle of winter. It was pretty cold but at least our pictures are pretty! Life has its ups and downs but we are sticking together through the thick and thin.

Life is your greatest adventure

I love to sew. I am a self taught sewist and have been sewing for a little over 4 years! Most of what you will find on my blog is sewing related. I bought my first sewing machine a few months after Scott and I got married for my birthday in March. Let's just say my first few sewing projects were not the greatest...I'm so glad I have improved since then... nonetheless, I kept on persevering. Later that year for Christmas, I got my first serger and boy was that a game changer! (If you sew with knits, a serger is a must have. You can find some good ones second hand. That’s what I did!) The following year, I welcomed a coverstitch machine, which also was a game changer. 

Everyone has different body types and stores typically don’t make clothes tailored to each of our different bodies. This is why I sew! Come take a swing at it! It’s super fun an very rewarding!

I've made many makes and started testing patterns for a handful of sewing companies. I love it and I will do my best to share my sewing adventures with you as well as some tips and tricks I have learned along the way.

I also attempt a few crafts here and there and will occasionally share a recipe that I absolutely love.

Outside of sewing and crafting, I love to lift heavy things. aka-crossfit. If you follow my personal instagram account, you will see some occasional crossfit/ lifting/ gymnastics video, along with all the cute pictures of Max!

Join me in my sporadic little life. <3



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